Mojo Dance ~ Company Wellbeing
  • Mojo Dance ~ Company Wellbeing
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Start your day, team sprint or board meeting with a Mojo Dance. Available online and offline.

Mystic Moyo founded the pioneering sober dance movement, Morning Gloryville. Whether you'd like a session in person or online, Mystic Moyo and crew will have you beaming for days after. This is an ideal way to kick-off conferences, strategy meetings, planning sessions or simply bring good vibes to your office.

Sessions can run from 60mins - 90mins depending on your programme. Price includes: - Pre-dance guide with outfit code, room decorating guidance - Mystic Moyo will be guiding you through various shapes, breathes and actions - A DJ will be bringing beats to the space

You will laugh, you will release tears of joy and most importantly leave feeling LIT!

Love from Mystic Moyo x x x

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