Authentic Leadership Coaching
  • Authentic Leadership Coaching
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This is a one-on-one package for business leaders who could do with a monthly dose of Mystical support. Our session together will be focussed on increasing your spiritual connection, bringing more pleasure and joy into your life and expanding your impact in the world. We will awaken the inner shaman lying dormant through a series of practices, healing rituals and conversation. You will leave each session with tools, natural medicines and increased sense of purpose. Co-founders welcome together.

This price of £1000 gives you 4 x 1 hr sessions with Mystic Moyo. Sessions time options are sent after payment received.

One of our believers.... "Sam's kind, witty and soulful words drifted my mood from a state of unrest and frustration to deep love and inner peace within the first 30 minutes. By the end, I was joyful, full of compassion for myself, and had enjoyed states ranging from great amusement and laughter, to the therapeutic benefits of sharing my thoughts, to total calm and tranquility. Probably the best hour I've spent on zoom in my life."

  • Dan Murray-Serter, Founder of Heights and Secret Leaders, the UK's #1 Business Podcast
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