Sharing Circles ~ Company Wellbeing
  • Sharing Circles ~ Company Wellbeing
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“I’d like to say thank you on the behalf of our team. This has been a success and we loved how you brought all aspects of yourselves to the workshops!” Head of People at Zego

Mystic Moyo brings themes such as love, family, nature and adventure for teams to share new thinking, passions and inspirations. Sharing circles are gentle healing spaces where team get to connect in new ways. Good-bye after work tequilas, hello ancient rituals and vibe raising... Benefits include: improved listening skills, increased confidence at work, ability to approach challenges in a more united way and tonnes of laughs. Sharing circles are ancient practices where everything shared within circle is kept confidential. Mystic Moyo facilitates 3 sessions for a single company. In the final session, the team receive training on how to self-organise moving forward.

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