Mystic Moyo is a Mystic, Artist and Mojo giver with an unusual story.

Featured in Channel 4, Vogue, BBC, Sundays Times Style, CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC and more.

Mystic Moyo aka Samantha Moyo founded sober dance movement, Morning Gloryville. Growing a community of 200K in 23 countries within 18months.  

Seers and mystics have been guiding humanity since the beginning of time.

Mystic Moyo offers the world a resurgence in this ancient-future way of PLANNING + HEALING.

Work with Mystic Moyo Release Old Stories, Rest in the Divine and Reconnect with Humour! 

Mystic Moyo has been facilitating transformational experiences for 11 years. Situated knowledge includes founding a global movement; producing large-scale events;  remote viewing; psychic studies; ordained minister; birthing assistant; and living with indigenous tribes.


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Mystic for Business 


Mystic Moyo helps clients operate more successfully by addressing various challenges they believe are holding them back at work. Examples include helping clients find the confidence to negotiate more effectively, letting go of toxic relationships, communicating more effectively and having more belief in business development and growth. 


Mystic for Life 


Mystic Moyo primarily helps ambitious folks reconnect with pleasure, playfulness and balance .Clients include professional mothers, musicians, artists, founders and influencers seeking private counsel on life or business challenges. Mystic Moyo’s guidance hits home unseen truths, provides confidence in making radical life changes and supports anyone in transition. 






Auric-field and Body Scanning. The body comprises of invisible "energy bodies" which impact our thinking and living styles. These energy bodies have their own stories, attachments and personalities. Using clairsentience we are able to see where energy is blocked within the auric field.  We align the energy bodies with the soul’s highest purpose, thereby instilling a sense of clarity, confidence and grounding in the soul. 


Cellular Reimprinting. With your higher-self’s guidance, we are able to express new information to your neuropathways, allowing a deep embodiment of the new way of being and feeling that your soul has yearned for. 


Divination + Mediumship. Working with your ancestors and guides, action steps are provided for you to begin your new journey. Mystics act as channels offering messages that are never compulsory to follow. 


Career Experiences. Mystic Moyo has been an innovation and community building consultant across many industries. This allows rapid understanding of business or work challenges. Solutions may be sourced from past experiences. 


Ancient-futurism. Using mixed media to help you experience aspects of yourself that are screaming to emerge. This could be done through the creation of photo, video or other arts that expresses your future self. 




Step 1: Earthing or Meditation practice 

Step 2: Reflective conversation 

Step 3: Auric field and Body Organ scan 

Step 4: Clearing 

Step 5: Cellular Reimprinting 

Step 6: Guidance + Next Steps through mediumship 




Increased self-confidence 
Lightness and calm 
Enhanced spiritual connection 
Strengthened sense of purpose

Sonic Arts

Free love, freebies! Uplift your soul with short audio clips. Homemade channeling by Mystic Moyo x


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Seers, sages and mystics have been providing counsel to leaders since the beginning of time. Though hidden, the art of mysticism has remained strong through the test of the times. We read omens, commune with guides in other realms and listen to your higher self.

Mystic Moyo offers channeling sessions to influencers, business leaders and people in transition. Expect home-hitting truths that will expand the soul. This is a 60 minute session that will positively impact the next 6 months of your work and life. We enter with humility and trust.

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60 minute One on One Session

Looking for change or fresh energy? Well, we're undergoing a species evolution which will last a few hundred years. To support the rapid changes in our DNA, it's good to regularly clear our energy bodies from past attachments. We begin these upgrade sessions with energy clearing. This allows the soul to move out of an old consciousness into a new one with less weight. Mystic Moyo works with guides channeling a combination of sounds, words and movement sequences that bring lightness of being.

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60 minute One on One Session

Welcome to the most uplifting confession booth in the world. There's no guilt, no shaming, and no asking anyone but yourself for forgiveness. Mystic Moyo helps you go from shame to grace.

The ancient practice of "sunday confession" gives us a chance to observe the divine in all our actions.
Reeling off our sin takes courage but on the other side is liberation and laughter.... Rest assured, nothing will shock Mystic Moyo who has held space for child births, marriages, sex parties, illegal raves and plant medicine ceremonies.

Book your confession session with love and self-compassion. Everything shared is private and confidential.

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60 minute One on One Session

Mystic Moyo helps souls re-connect with pleasure, mischief and sensuality. Rekindling eroticism is a gentle art. When we have been closed, all it takes is saying yes to external support. Waking up our pleasure centres has profound effect on creativity, relationships and our joie de vivre. Come as you are, the rest will follow :)

This is a one hour session. Tools range from sounding, movement practices and conversation.

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Moyo Flow (MoFlo) ~ Company Wellbeing
  • Moyo Flow (MoFlo) ~ Company Wellbeing
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"MoFlo" is a mid-afternoon high-vibe space to recharge your chi and celebrate life! What better way to treat your team each month or quarter? This Intuitive art-form combines chi kung, vocal exercises, comedy, tribal ritual, dance and yin. Nothing like being in a virtual room of other movers and shakers sticking your tongues, roaring like lions and letting go of tension. We start real slow, then go a bit faster then slow it back down again. You'll leave feeling uplifted, connect and with... mo' flow.

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Sharing Circles ~ Company Wellbeing
  • Sharing Circles ~ Company Wellbeing
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“I’d like to say thank you on the behalf of our team. This has been a success and we loved how you brought all aspects of yourselves to the workshops!” Head of People at Zego

Mystic Moyo brings themes such as love, family, nature and adventure for teams to share new thinking, passions and inspirations. Sharing circles are gentle healing spaces where team get to connect in new ways. Good-bye after work tequilas, hello ancient rituals and vibe raising... Benefits include: improved listening skills, increased confidence at work, ability to approach challenges in a more united way and tonnes of laughs. Sharing circles are ancient practices where everything shared within circle is kept confidential. Mystic Moyo facilitates 3 sessions for a single company. In the final session, the team receive training on how to self-organise moving forward.

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Authentic Leadership Coaching
  • Authentic Leadership Coaching
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This is a one-on-one package for business leaders who could do with a monthly dose of Mystical support. Our session together will be focussed on increasing your spiritual connection, bringing more pleasure and joy into your life and expanding your impact in the world. We will awaken the inner shaman lying dormant through a series of practices, healing rituals and conversation. You will leave each session with tools, natural medicines and increased sense of purpose. Co-founders welcome together.

This price of £1000 gives you 4 x 1 hr sessions with Mystic Moyo. Sessions time options are sent after payment received.

One of our believers.... "Sam's kind, witty and soulful words drifted my mood from a state of unrest and frustration to deep love and inner peace within the first 30 minutes. By the end, I was joyful, full of compassion for myself, and had enjoyed states ranging from great amusement and laughter, to the therapeutic benefits of sharing my thoughts, to total calm and tranquility. Probably the best hour I've spent on zoom in my life."

  • Dan Murray-Serter, Founder of Heights and Secret Leaders, the UK's #1 Business Podcast
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Mojo Dance ~ Company Wellbeing
  • Mojo Dance ~ Company Wellbeing
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Start your day, team sprint or board meeting with a Mojo Dance. Available online and offline.

Mystic Moyo founded the pioneering sober dance movement, Morning Gloryville. Whether you'd like a session in person or online, Mystic Moyo and crew will have you beaming for days after. This is an ideal way to kick-off conferences, strategy meetings, planning sessions or simply bring good vibes to your office.

Sessions can run from 60mins - 90mins depending on your programme. Price includes: - Pre-dance guide with outfit code, room decorating guidance - Mystic Moyo will be guiding you through various shapes, breathes and actions - A DJ will be bringing beats to the space

You will laugh, you will release tears of joy and most importantly leave feeling LIT!

Love from Mystic Moyo x x x

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